Meet The Chef

Meet The Chef



Acclaimed chef, fashion-forward, restaurateur and philanthropist are all words that describe Chef B. Chef B launched his culinary career at a young age in Brooklyn surrounded by family in the restaurant business. It was only befitting that he too caught the “culinary bug”.

After taking great interest in the field, the young chef in the making would go around to local restaurants in the community and seek volunteer positions. After being turned away on numerous occasions due to his age, “B” stayed persistent and finally received the opportunity he was seeking by becoming the youngest prep and line cook at one of the biggest establishments in town.

Devoting countless years, to his craft, “B” moved up the ranks to become the head chef/manager of The Southern Bistro. In 2009 Chef B obtained a graduate degree from the esteemed Institute of Culinary Education (ICE). Shortly after graduating Chef B was afforded the opportunity to c-own The Southern Bistro. The new partnership was an instant success.

The newly skilled chef’s attention to detail, excellent customer service, and menu modifications were just some of the essential factors that propelled the revenue. The word spread on the awesome food, great customer service and patrons began to travel from all over the tri-state area to dine at the revamped “Southern Eatery”. Always with a flair for fashion and coordination, Chef B would greet his guest wearing vibrant colored chef coats and matching shoes… always wanting to look his very best. This is where he would earn the moniker “the well dressed chef”.

After the massive success of the partnership, Chef B decided to pursue solo efforts and dive into the entrepreneurial pond alone.